Top 3 Bikes Under One Lakh Rupees

Every bike lover is a die-hard fan of those litre-class bikes, which go with names such as CB1000 R, and looks up to riders who own these monstrous bikes and ride these mean-machines. However, when the topic comes about buying a two-wheeler, it is a completely different story. They are mainly let down by the fact that these fat-engine bikes require fat wallets too. So it becomes unfeasible for the most biking enthusiasts to purchase such bikes. So here is a list of three fun bikes you should look at when you only have about Rs 1 lakh to spend.

RTR 160

Everyone knows that the RTR family has been ageing fast, especially with the new crop of budget bikes that certainly merit your hard-earned money. The reason why the RTR 160 still exists in the competition is because of its fun element. This brilliant 160cc bike is still fun to ride even after all these years. The engine feels peppy and the exhaust note encourages pushing the bike harder.

Honda CB trigger

CB Trigger’s 150cc motor, which belts out power of 14bhp, is one of the biggest reasons for the amazing smile on every Trigger owner’s face. This is mainly due to the fact that the 14bhp motor provides a brilliant throttle with  a small twist of your wrist. Trigger feels notably agile in and around  the corner. The bike executes the rider's every command with clinical precision. At a price tag of just Rs. 90,000, this bike is sure to keep its rider happy for a real long time.

Yamaha FZ

Just like the RTR, the Yamaha FZ too has been around since quite some time now. However, recently the bike has received a thorough overhaul with the addition of a fuel-injection system. If firm suspension is not your preference, you can re-adjust it to a softer setting. Though without any significant increase in power, the FI system makes the FZ an amazingly refined bike to ride. With its fat/flat rear tyre and brilliantly refined engine, this bike is one brilliant option for long rides.

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