Multifaceted Personal Profile.


Little About Me...

Well hello my names Bailee Willson, I was born on the 10/11/1998. So this whole page is really about these tests I have taken, my class also had to take these tests but these are on my results. Now in the photo above (I really didn't want a photo where I'm by myself) I am the girl with the black hair and weird pout, it's quite obvious which one I am and if you are looking at this photo and finding it not quite obvious which one I am, I am the one on the right hand side. Well a little about me, I speak quite open minded (even when writing), I am very chatty, I love love love art, I love to read, I'm quite intrigued with biology, I'm very optimistic, also observant, I have a family of 8, so yeah, thats a little about me!


Well the Myers Briggs Personality indicator, also know as MBTI, is a test which really sorts you into a personality type, there are 16 different types which you could be specified for, but you have to give an honest answers so it can be as close to accurate as possible. Plus the test can also depend on what mood you were in the day you take this test, so if you weren't in the best mood or an overly amazing mood it can waver your results.

My answer was ENFP, meaning:

  • Extravert: an outgoing overly expressive person
  • iNtuitive: based on a feeling that is instinctive to someone
  • Feeling: an intuitive understanding of something
  • Perceiving: becoming aware of something, using one of the senses (e.g eye sight)

To me this seemed really like me, so I wasn't surprised at all! I am quite observant as I said earlier, and I'm very out going/overly expressive! I'm bubbly, chatty, always excited, never really shy. Eager, optimistic, imaginative and I love to help out, they would be my be my own words with my personality I guess!

When I typed my answer from the test (ENFP) into google, a whole bunch of career suggestions came up, I was really excited because some of them I wouldn't of thought doing!

  • Actor
  • Teacher
  • Counsellor
  • Writer/Journalist
  • Politician
  • Scientist
  • Tv Reporter
  • Artist
  • Phsychologist

I already had been thinking about art, because I am honestly in love with it. Because if I chose art as a career that would lead to so many different opportunities, I could be an art teacher because I work well with kids, architect, an artist, photographer, landscape designer, etc. Also since a psychologist came up I've been quite intrigued by that! I also found out that you can be a Art therapist which sounds really cool, something else to get excited about for my future options!

Herman Brain Dominance Indicator.

The setup of the Herman Brain Dominance Test was a series of questions and in each question there were 4 boxes that you had to number favourite learning style to least, 4 being Favourite 1 being Least Favourite. Then by the end of the test there were 4 other boxes which you had to total each column up to, those 4 boxes each had a letter beside it (R, Y, G, B), these letters represented colours:

  • Red
  • Yellow
  • Green
  • Blue

You then go to what looks like a pie chart and find your colour (because whichever of the 4 boxes had the highest number is your answer.) The colours each represent their own answer.

  • Red- Our Feeling Self
  • Yellow- Our Experimental Self
  • Green- Our Safe Keeping Self
  • Blue- Our Rational Self

It makes more sense once you take the test!

In this test my answer turned out to be 'Our Feeling Self' meaning is sensitive, supportive, expressive, emotional, talks a lot and likes to teach. So really I wasn't very surprised with my answer it sounds a lot like me, apart from teaching I don't really teach things, I'm more of a learner, being in high school and all.

Being my "feeling self" as a learner that means I prefer to learn by listening and sharing my idea's with the class or in groups, moving and getting involved with my work to understand it better.

Learning Styles Test.

Ok well there were 3 different answers you could have gotten on this test.

  • Visual Learning
  • Kinaesthetic Learning
  • Auditory Learning

Taking this test you obviously would get one of those 3 answers. They are different styles of learning, Kinaesthetic- is a learning style where you actually are involved physically in your learning to learn easier and memorise them. Visual- is one of the 3 learning styles where you watch what your learning and for some people thats easier for how they learn. Auditory- is a learning style where a person listens to learn, thats they're preference on how they learn, well how it's easiest for them even without them knowing.

After taking this test I found out I was a kinaesthetic learner, which really didn't surprise me, because I like getting involved with my work it's easier for me to learn and memorise things. Now knowing that my best way to learn is Kinaesthetic, I can take advantage of that and try to become better at using auditory and visual with my work and future life, also knowing that I'm a kinaesthetic learner I can find a job that involves that in my future life.

Little more about me..

Well I have many hobbies + interests like any other person so I'll only mention a few.

  • Netball
  • Dancing
  • Art
  • Reading
  • Singing
  • Guitar
  • Photography
  • Talking
  • Laughing
  • Music
  • Soccer
  • Travelling
  • Shopping
  • And so much more!

I just thought I'd add that little last part in there, it's the truth though, I have so many interests thats it's hard to keep count!

Well I haven't had the longest life being the age of 14 and all but I've had a few small achievements in my life of which I'm pretty proud of, like I won two awards in two nights for netball, 1st was out of all the Geelong region in my age group and 2nd was best out of my team. So I was pretty proud, and then adding the occasional little medals and trophies for dancing and other netball games, stuff like that and one time when I was grade two and I won this colouring competition, and got this art box, it was a pretty awesome moment!

Future Direction.

All my test results turned out really similar which is actually pretty good, knowing that I can take that to my advantage and use it to help find a good job that suits me best and can still support me in my future life. For my future I've found out so many things that I'm really interested to be, I have 5 preferences at the moment.

  • Art teacher
  • Psychologist
  • Art therapist
  • Teacher

I'm really excited about my future life, I just have to work hard for it and concentrate, I think my main thing to do is really put my head down and not get distracted and really finish off all my work! I think I'm interested in teaching, helping people and art, they all seem to be popping up in my main preferences, I think I'd rather work around people because I'm a people person, a chatty, talkative girl, it'd be good for me I think.

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