Hello, my name is Journey.

I have 2 little sisters, an older brother, a dad, a step dad, and a mom. We somewhat get along with each other, but my older brother occasionally jumps on top of me squeezing the life out of my lungs, and my little sisters cry for no reason. I'm pretty solitary when it comes to playing with my siblings. My little sisters and I have a pit bull cross bred with a German Shepherd named Daisy who is sweet and intimidating at the same time. My older brother and I own a basset hound named Ruthy Ann who is really old and doesn't really do much, but makes a really great foot rest. My family is pretty fun to be around. Most of the time.

Piano and Cello

I play 2 instruments, and those instruments are (you guessed it!) the piano and cello. I've been playing the piano for 7 years and the cello for 3 years. Of the two I like playing the piano better because I have more experience with it and I like the sound of the harmonies. But I do like the rich sound of the cello and I love playing together in an orchestra. I hope to learn how to play the organ soon, and eventually play the hymns during church meetings. Music plays a huge role in my life, and most of my free time is spent towards developing these talents. I hope I won't drop these skills as I get older, and eventually I want to join a professional orchestra as a hobby or a full time job.  

Best Book Ever!

My favorite book that I've ever read is Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card. I love how Ender wins every challenge he's given through his superior intellect and never gives up, even when he's on the verge of going insane from the tedious physical and mental exercises he goes through. It also shows that age doesn't always have to be a handicap if you're young and it can lead to fresh new ideas and tactics that could change the world. It motivates me to educate my mind further and not let my age be an excuse.

first class badge

I started scouting as a cub scout when I was about 9 years old. I'm now a first class scout, and I love going on camp outs with my troop. I'm the chaplain's aide, which means  I round up the scouts for meetings and assign prayers and speeches during camp outs. I'm working on becoming a star scout, and I'm doing pretty well on it. I love the spirit of scouting, and my participation in it helps me keep myself physically strong, mentally awake, and morally straight, as the scout oath says. I know this will open opportunities for me in the future, and it's so much fun appreciating nature and doing community service. I never regret becoming a scout, during the fun times and even the tough times. Scouting is definitely something I'd recommend to other young men.

I have conflicting views of where I want to go for college, but I think the one I want to go to most is Brigham Young University in Laie, Hawaii. I think going there would be like going on a vacation, because I love warm weather and beaches. I wouldn't be exposed to drugs or procreation without marriage there as well. I think this is the best place to keep my moral standards and develop my education and faith.

All in all, I'm a pretty typical kid. I love video games, although I don't have very much time to play them. I do fairly well in school and try to keep my grades above a 90. I try to keep a positive outlook on things, although sometimes that doesn't exactly work, as you can ask my little sisters after being yelled at to stop hovering over me or tapping the table annoyingly after a hard day. Things seem to be going pretty well for me so far, but I probably just jinxed myself. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me.