Film Comparison: Characterization

Watch the clip below from West Side Story. While you are viewing the scene, think of how Juliet and her Nurse's relationship (look back at Act II Scene iv) is similar and different to Maria and Anita's relationship.


  In the scene before Maria is in her room preparing for her meeting with Tony (I Feel Pretty). She is unaware of what has happened, until Chino bursts into her room and tells her that her brother, Bernardo, has been killed by her Tony. Seizing a gun, he rushes out in search of Tony. Tony, however, has climbed the fire escape to Maria's room, and in spite of her grief she is unable to send him away. Clinging together desperately they envision a place where they can be free from prejudice (Somewhere). In the streets and alleys the gangs flee the police, panic-stricken by the killings.

The sorrowing Anita  ( she is Bernardo's girlfriend), knocks at Maria's door, and Tony leaves by the window, taking refuge in the basement of Doc's drugstore. Anita scolds Maria for allowing Tony to come near her.

Now that you have watched the clip and reread Act 2 Scene 5. Fill-out the form below!