(Ohio state)

What major do you want to pursue

I want to pursue business management

Why do you want to pursue business management

I chose this job because business management is something that I have always been interested in. I have always wanted to create my own business. Like a dicks sporting goods.

Tuition and degree and other things

College- Ohio state university


Degree- Bachelors degree

Years of college- 4 years

Annual salary for job-$97,220

Total cost of college-$36,672 (not including books)


1. Low tuition

2. Lot of business majors


1. Far away

2. Largest university in the nation

How to start saving

I plan to start saving know like putting my money in the bank. I also want to keep working to try to get a athletic scholarship. And I am going to apply for grants and look for as many scholarships as I can.

Why did I choose that way to start saving?

Because my grades are good so I think I can apply for a academic scholarship and if I keep working I think I have a good chance to get an athletic scholarship.

Interesting facts about my school

The most prized possessions of Ohio state is there football team. They are the best football team in the world. And they are the national champions.And the buckeye is a poisonous nut.

Why I await to go to Ohio

I chose Ohio state university because it is where my dad went

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