Jamal Edwards

A short biography

Jamal Edwards

Jamal Edwards, is a 22 year old who is an entrepreneur and the creator of SB.TV which the UK's online telecaster. As a young boy he always wanted to become successful. His main goal was to become have a huge success in the music industry. In order to pursue this dream, he started to upload videos on YouTube, about everything which happened in this life.  

The best and worst career advice he had when he was young was that he should take care of his education and to have fun while he's still young. He was learning about business after he left school, as it the subject didn't exist when he went school.

Due to his success, he has met many other people who are very famous: Jessie J, Tiao Cruz, Ed Sheeran, Dr. Dre and etc. The SBTV only involves YouTube videos as it publishes videos, live events and jam sessions of music artists like Justin Bieber, Ellie Goulding, Nicki Minaj and Bruno Mars.

Recently he just met Richard Branson, as he is just an amazing inspiration to Jamal as he wishes to hold a massive and a very successful empire, leaving a legacy behind.

Edwards had to face an amount of competition on YouTube from other sorts of channels for example: MTV. But this didn't stop Edwards from chasing his dreams, he still carried on by saying:

"I'm here to chase my dreams, not competition. I'm here to do my thing, I don't look at anyone else"

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