Goat Shearer

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-He or she goes to some of the biggest shows and sit up a table and start talk to them or they go to feed stors to let people know that they can use these people to shear.

Salary-Most of it is 40,000 a year

Job description - They go to peoples house and help then shear and help then walk the goat so that they are ready for a big show.

Special skills- They need to know how to shear right so that they don't mass up somebody's goat for a show and that the kid does not get mad at the goat.

Education- People that shear goats for a lot of money do not need a college education to do something that is not that hard also most of the people that does shear for a lot of money were raised with goats or showed.

Location- They can go to people house if they keep then there or they can go to the schools ag farm or if they don't want to the can just bring their goat the the people that are going to shear to their house.


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