Location 1: Salt Water

Hawaii: Mauna Lani Bay Hotel and Bungalows Rooms $506 for 2 nights

Day 1: Go scuba diving to study the variety of sea life and how it interacts with you. $100 This will be a scientific study because you will gain knowledge of how the sea life has adapted to the people watching and disturbing them in their habitat.

Day 2: Go to the hotel spa and take a salt water sauna and study how your body reacts to breathing in the salt and how you feel afterwards. $free

Day 3: Go on a helicopter ride over the ocean to study how the ocean life iterates with helicopter. $250

Location 2: Fresh Water

Great Lakes: Bluefin Bay $298 for 2 nights

Day 1: Go on a boat ride to different parts of the lake and study how water pollution is effecting the fresh water plants. $50

Day 2: Go swimming in the lake $free

Day 3: Go shopping throughout the place $depends on what you buy

Location 3: Land

Brazil: Go to the Amazon Rainforest, Juma Amazon Lodge $583

Day 1: Go into the jungle with a tour guide to learn about stuff and how the environment is effecting the animals $200

Day 2: Do some environmental helping in the forest $free

Day 3: go to a Brazilian city to shop