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Titanium Crystal

TITANIUM: The strength you've been looking for in industry!
By: Cassie Schafer and Marina Stone

Symbol: *Ti

*Atomic Number: 22

*Atomic Mass: 47.876 amu

*Cost: titanium metal powder (99.95%) is about $100/lb.

*Discovered in Cornwall, Britain in 1791 by William Gregor, Titanium, though more expensive, is stronger than most steel, steel is also heavier and rusts while Titanium is resistant - giving many uses in architecture and outer layer of buildings bonded together with other elements (alloys - what it's alloys are used for cause no skin allergies and prove to be highly durable), as well as future electronics, car parts, propeller shafts, ships, aircraft, spacecraft, tools, and jewelry. Good as a skin for production equipment and appliances that get hot, like jet engines!

More Info:

It is used in sporting goods like lacrosse sticks and golf clubs!

Serves as an alternative for metals that cause allergies when worn as jewelry

Titanium is non-toxic and not rejected by the body, even in larger amounts... which the medical industry has utilized for things like hip replacements.

It is the ninth-most abundant element on earth

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