How I perceived America's society from the documentary

Just recently in my English class, we watched a documentary called Super Size Me where a filmmaker, Morgan Spurlock, goes on a 30 day diet on just eating McDonald's. He had to try as many menu items within the time period and that he always had to accept if he was offered to “Supersize” His goal was to see the effects of what it could do to a person’s health and to educate people on the horrible facts about the fast food industries.

The documentary Super-Size Me was very terrifying because it went to show what the fast food industry has done to the American society on many levels.
From my prospective the Americans had come off as stupid and litigious in the film because of all the law suits going on with people, trying to make money by blaming industries such as McDonald's and Burger King for making them fat. I strongly disagree with that because nobody is shoving the food down their throats. Also everyone knows that McDonald’s knowingly sells unhealthy food to people but there are still so many people in the society that are heavy users of fast food and they are the ones to blame for their own health.

I feel as if fast food has taken over the American’s way of life because McDonald's is almost everywhere in America especially in New York City as shown in the film. Also in the film it showed that three grown ladies did not even know their own American anthem but they knew all the fast food songs.

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2 years ago

I strongly suggest you to watch "Fed Up"

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2 years ago

nice blog Medhani. I agree Americans are litigious as well.