Describe 2 main tribes you are a part.  Who are they? What are they like? What do they value? Do you want to leave them?  Will you ever leave them? Or ever want to? Why do you want to leave them or not leave them?  

One tribe I am apart of is baseball, just the sport itself not a specific team. What are they like.. Just everyone who plays baseball all athletic and can talk about our accomplishments , we value the sport and the rush we get while playing the sport, no I do not want to leave the sport and will never leave the sport because I love the game of baseball and the adrenalin rush I get while playing

Another tribe is schooling, a bunch of people who sit in rooms all day and learn, they can be boring and fun, they value you different things majority and doing something you love when school is over, yes I want to leave them and I will leave one day. I want to leave because I hate waking up super early and it can get boring.

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