Bread of Life Discourse (John.6)

Jesus took his disciples to the top of a mountain next to the sea of Tibere'i-as.  There he was asked by Andrew "There is a lad here who has five barley loaves and two fish; but what are they among so many?"  Jesus broke the bread and blessed it along with the fish and handed it out to the people.

He then ordered the disciples to pick up the extra loaves of bread and uneaten fish and put it in the baskets.  They were surprised to find how many loves of bread and fish were left over.  He then stated that "This bread is my body", to which confused the Jews along with the crowd and even his own disciples.  They questioned if it was cannibalism and eventually left out of confusion and fear.  Through this, the outer layers of the crowd dispersed.

After he collected the fish he stated that "The Faith shall nourish you until the end of time."  Then the people understood Jesus' reason for conveying his body as the bread.

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3 years ago

Eric, Good pictures and telling the story in your own words. You actually blended the Last Supper and the Bread of Life Discourse. He doesn't say "this bread is my body" until the Last Supper. Here, he says, I am the Bread of Life, like the manna that your forefathers ate in the desert. And anyone who eats this bread will have eternal life.