Climate Class: Dfd

Antonia Izuogu
May 9,2014

The climate class Dfd is in the subarctic climate. The first D of Dfd is a cold moderate climate. It is the coldest month average temperature of the coldest month and is less than -3 degrees Celsius. The hottest month average temperature and is greater than 10 degrees Celsius. The season summer and winter are well defined. The f of Dfd is a wet climate, its precipitation occurs every month of the year and there is no dry season. A concise summary of what Df is a cold continental climate with dry season. The second d of Dfd is very cold winter. The second d is an average temperature of the coldest month and is less the negative 38 degrees Celsius. The climate class Dfd is located only in the northern hemisphere.  The average precipitation of the subarctic climate is 15 inches to 21 inches.  The locations that the subarctic climate is in the extreme North-East of the United States, Canada, major part of Russia and the North-East of China.

The image above is an example of the environment of a subarctic climate.

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