By Roland Smith


Presentation By Elijah Froiland

I.Q is about a Boy named Q and his sister Angela. They are Step-Siblings who's parents are in a band called Match.

Angela's real Mother, Malak, worked for the secret service, and hunted down terrorists.

When a historic building in Phillidelphia is targeted, Independence hall, Malak went to stop the bomb.

  • Someone with the same blood, looks, and figure was killed in the blast but the blast was stopped.

Q and Angela where recruited by the SOS to find out what really happened

The mystery of the story

Who was killed, Malak or Her terrorist Twin Sister?

What is the attacking agency's mission?

And Will Angela, Q, and SOS be killed in their mission?

Read to find out!

This is a photo of the author, Roland Smith

He was born and raised in Portland, Oregon, and he started writing when he was 5 with a typewriter.

He and his wife, Marie, still live in a house on the edge of portland.

For my project, I also did a little bit

about what happens in a crime scene.

First, if it is a unsolved mystery, the detective walks around the crime scene and find forensic evidence, like fingerprints, blood, saliva, bits of clothes, anything that they can use. They then take the evidence that they found, and send them to labs for the people there to analize. They also speak to witnesses to try to figure out what happened as well.

At all times, the police must obey the 4th amendments rules for searching, which is saying they need a warrant to search and there has to be probable cause to do so.

Once the lab results come in and the information from the witnesses and the evidence that may have been found whilst searching is put together, it is sent to court for a law suit to be put in place on the suspect(s) .

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