February 9-13 Pep Rally WEEK

Objectives This WEEK:

Louis Armstrong JAZZ Artist

Developing Tone Quality:  Breathing Exercise, Long Tones

Dynamics: Piano to Forte  Controlled

1.  Announcements:  Tuesday: Drum line Sectional 2:15-4:00/ Concert Band 5-8; Wednesday Pit Orchestra 2:30-4:00; Thursday LOVE REHEARSAL 2:30-4:30~ Bring desserts and Valentine Day Cards/ Indoor Drum line 4:00-6:00/ Band Parent Meeting 6:00; Friday Pep Rally report 12:00pm WEAR PEP COLORS; Update your tack account: Comment on QLMS student site; Coke Cola Fundraiser will be due next Week;  Next non-refundable trip deposit due on THURSDAY

2.  BREATHING EXERCISE: Finger Breaths, Mirror

3.  Long Tones: Concert B and Ab

4. Half Notes Two Octaves Concert B and Ab

5.  Chromatic Scale Concert F 2 octaves

6.  Method Book pg. 9-11 Londonderry Air Intonation Exercise

7.  Discuss Dynamics

8.  Complete Sight-reading Exercises 30-35

9.  Chimes of Liberty measure 22-trio Articulation Melody and Countermelody

10.  Fantasy on an Irish Air measure 32-81 FOCUS on Dynamic Contrast

11. Moravian Dance measure 71-end NOTES, Style

12.  Uptown Funk measure 1-C

13.  Shake It Off measure 1-16

Assessments this week: Concert Band: Concert B Scale Wednesday & Uptown Funk Memorization Quiz Friday; Percussion: Rudiment Memorization TEST; Symphonic Band/ Jazz Band: Moravian Dance 70-end; Uptown Funk Memorization Quiz Thursday Color Guard: Indoor Memorization Quiz Wednesday Dance Section