California's Water Crisis

Parts of California are suffering from an extreme drought, while most of the rest of the state is in a severe drought.  The slideshow will give you an idea of how critical the situation is, not only for Californians, but for the rest of the country.  Many foods grown in California are on grocery store shelves throughout the United States.  That is just one concern; there are many.  The natural flow of water in the state has been tampered with for over one-hundred years, with the thought that there will always be water. California, today, is suffering from the consequences of short-sighted water policies.

Watch the following video on your laptop and take notes.  You will need your notes to respond to the questions below.  Go to the TOP of the blog (the first 5 posts) for the questions.

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2 years ago

if i was the governor i'd ask for help from the other states near by

2 years ago

Is access to water a human right? What about access to a toilet?
I think access to water is a human right as it is integral to life. Access to a toilet should be a human right, but I am saying that as somebody who has grown up having access to a toilet, and maybe I wouldn't think it so important if I hadn't.
Whose responsibility is it to provide people with resources like water?
I think it is the government's responsibility to provide water to people, because something that is a human right should not be put in the hands of private businesses.
What factors led to the current water crisis in California?
The people in California used water from places like aquifers without thinking about the long-term results.
How can federal, state, and local governmental agencies as well as private industries cooperate in a comprehensive water program for California?
If the federal government instates some sort of system that says all states should have equal access to water, then creates funds for states to do so, the state governments could pool some of their water to pipe in to California. Private industries could provide the means to build the pipes.
If you were the governor of California, what would be your plan to prevent a permanent state-wide drought?
I would have everybody conserve water, with a fine that increases as income level increases when you disobey this. It would increase with income level as it is typically poor people who bear the brunt of droughts, while the rich typically go on as before.
Examine the page on the link below. What facts surprise you the most and why? I was surprised that so many of the things I am accustomed to are to widely available.

2 years ago

1. How is weathering different from erosion?
Weathering disintegrates rocks, it breaks them into pieces. Once these sediments are separated from the rocks, erosion is what moves these sediments.

2. What do weathering and erosion accomplish together?
The turn mountains and large hills into small, flat plains because of all the time of wearing them down and erosion.

1. Click on the picture of the snail. Explain biotic erosion.
Friction from the animal rubbing against the rocks causes them to erode away.

2. Click on the picture of the tree. Explain how chelation works.
The acids that break down the plant material also breaks down some compounds in the rocks causing erosion.

3. Click on the picture of the rain clouds and the sun together. How does hydration work?
Together, the sun and rain soften the rocks due to OH and H ions in the rocks and then the rock is weathered easily.

4. Click on the picture showing the chemical abbreviation of oxygen (lower left). How does oxidation work?
The oxygen weakens the ions which makes to more vulnerable to weathering.

5. Click on the picture of the mountains. How does freeze-thaw work?
The water hits the granite, the temperatures lower at night and freezes the rain. Then it widens the splits in the granite until it breaks off, then the weathering takes places and erodes parts of the granite.

6. Click on the image of the Sun. How does mechanical weathering work?
Since the rock is exposed it disintegrates by the forces of nature, contracting and expanding.

1. Three types of mechanical weathering are shown here. Generally, they all work together. Distinguish between the four types of mechanical weathering.
Abrasion is when rocks rub together.
Mechanical Exfoliation is when rocks break off and pressure change causes inner rocks to change.
Thermal Expansion and Contraction is when materials expand or contract when subjected to changes in temperature. Most materials expand when they are heated, and contract when they are cooled.
Frost Wedging is mechanical weathering in which rocks are broken by the expansion of water as it freezes in joints, pores, or bedding planes.

2. In what type of rock does dissolution occur? What are some of the features that form from dissolution?
Dissolution occurs in limestone because of acidic water, this lets additional water enter.

3. How does hydrolysis work? How does clay form?
When silicate minerals weather, they create clay minerals such as kaolinite.

4. What factors can influence chemical weathering?
Living organisms, climate, time, and mineral composition.

Watch the Bill Nye video. List the various demonstrations Bill Nye performs to simulate different types of erosion. Add a 1-2 sentence description for each.
When he was doing frost wedging, the nitrogen broke the glass bottle.
For abrasion, the air wore down the mountains.
With dissolution, the water wore down the rock over a series of time.

2 years ago

1. Is access to water a human right? Yes water is a human right because we have to get water to survive. 2. Is access to a toilet a human right? Yes toilets are a human right because we use them every day. 3. What factors led to the current water crisis in California? The factors that led to the current water crisis in California, is heat and erosion. 4. How can federal, state, and local governmental agencies as well as private industries cooperate in a comprehensive water program for California? By putting dams to block water. Also to clean up any spills that go into the ocean. 5. If you were the governor of California, what would be your plan to prevent a permanent state-wide drought? My plan would to refill the lakes and oceans when they get low, and make sure plants and animals also humans have water to survive.

2 years ago

1.Access to water is human right because we need water for living and for toilents we need to get rid of our waste and we use them everyday. 2. The EPA. 3. Heat led to the water current crisis in california. 4. We can build more dams and try to stop oil spills or purify more water. 5. I would have back up water from somewhere just in case there was a drought 6. I'm surprised about millions of people don't have fresh clean water

2 years ago

Yes water should be a human right and so should toilets and clean water.

2 years ago

I think the government should provide water to people and then it is up to those people to get the water for themselves

2 years ago

The temperature causes the evaporation of the water in california

2 years ago

We could establish man made underground lakes and aquifers

2 years ago

My plan as governor would be to create wells and springs for those who do not have water. A fact that surprised me the most was that every minute a child dies of a water related disease