The 5 Elements Of Figurative Language  

Are wild card is horseradish and are 3 colors are Lions Mane, Allspice, and Cider Taddy A simile use like or as . A metaphor is phase is applied to something to which it is not literally applicable in order to suggest a resemblance . Alliteration is having the same first consonant sound for example: ''But a better butter makes a batter better'' or ''The fair breeze blew , the white foam flew''. A imagery/Three sensory details include sight, touch , smell and taste gives your writing a universal feel. And a Three sizzling words is like you use fancy words like fizzle, crackle , sputter . The last one ONOMATOPOEIA !!! well a onomatopoeia is like something that loud or just powerful but for example; BANG BANG , BOW-WOW, and BAM .   


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