Hermes Social Resume

If you don't already know me(as if you don't.) I am Hermes, son of Zeus(who isn't) and Maia. And this is all about me(FINALLY.)

Speed I Got Speed

Vacation Spot

My favorite vacation spot is Las Vegas. Being a trickster, I can make people spend their money on games that they will never win and make them give me free money. It is a vacation were I make MONEY!

It is also a very beautiful city, like something the gods could have made.

Pet Peeves

I hate smartphones, those stupid things take can my job. Me being a messenger I need to send messenges, so if the gods find an apple store my job will be gone.

I hate these STUPID things

I also hate it when modern people remember me by the brand instead of who I actually am.

And when someone's business does terrible, I am like why didn't they just pray to ME I am the god of commerce.

Favorite Sport

I really enjoy watching hockey, I takes being tough and rough, being delicate and swift with their movements and stealing the puck often(my favorite part.)

Favorite team Chicago Blackhawks

Favorite Movie

I really enjoy the Fast and Furious movie series because it involves travel, action, and mischief.  

Can't live without my fast and furious

Favorite Food

Wienerschnitzel is one of my favorite restaurants because it is quick and easy, I can easily take it with me while I am on my delivering messenges.

quick and easy



Tam Lin

Bugs Bunny

Kyrie Irving


Apollo, one of best friends.

Favorite TV Shows


Impractical Jokers

Looney Tunes

ESPN: Sports center

Love My speed



Air racing

Getting into mischief ,especially with police in big cities.

Attending Olympic gymnastic games

That's it for now, but I will be back

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