How can one person change the world

Like ruby bridges?

Who is your favorite hero? Mine is ruby bridges. She was a girl with courage, leadership, and passion.

Courage, she got bullied and got made fun of her just because of her color. She never gave up. She was a very strong girl. She had a lot of courage for her age. No one could let her down.

Leadership, she was very smart for her age. She led the ones who knew nothing but color. She showed the ones who were wrong to be right. She even taught her principle not to judge. She also showed her friends that color is no option.

Passion, she had a lot of passion. She didn't Let herself down. She was confident in herself. She was never mean to anyone she never fought back. Those are the reasons that she was confident.

As you can see Ruby Bridges is a person with Courage, leadership, and passion. She never gave up. Or fight, or talk back. She was one brave girl. That is how she changed the world.

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