Blast to the Past
By: Dara Simpson

       I sneeze while standing in the 1960 time period area of the museum. I see a flash from the lightening that just struck the ground outside. I wait for the roll of thunder to follow but when it comes flashes fill the museum.One more roll of thunder and I'm out of the museum, I open my eyes to see that I am sitting in a diner. I can smell hamburger patties being cooked and I can hear the blender mixing someone a smoothie. I turn around and see a T.V flickering the election of John F. Kennedy. I look around and see that smiley faces are every where. I then realize that I have been thrown back to 1960.

I run outside with questions filling my mind, who else is here, what town am I in, can anyone help me? People are on the sidewalks, women are wearing mini skirts and leather boots, I have to find a way to fit in. I see the Reeves Theater and realize that I am still in Elkin. Elvis Presely concert posters are hung on the doors of Royall's Soda shop. I was so out of place, I go inside Royall's and see a group of girls sitting in a booth. They look nice enough so I walk over and say "Hi my name is Dara I'm new to town and I need some help getting to the closest store around. Can one of you guys help me?" They all look at me funny, must be my clothes I thought, finally one girl agrees to help and we walk outside. She tells me that her name is Kendall and that she would be happy to help me. We walk down the street when the question comes up, " So Dara, where are you from?" I tell her and she agrees to keep the secret we buy new clothes, I now fit in, wearing my pink mini skirt, white tee, and black leather boots. I tell Kendall the story of how I think I got here and she shows me around town. She let's me stay at her house and we talked about how our lives are so different. Her room is different, she has Elvis posters, big wigs sitting around, I can see her multiple skirts hanging up in the closet. I see a family picture and it's her mom, dad, brothers, and then her. She then said her last name and I knew it couldn't be true but it was, Kendall was my aunt. I decide not to tell her,I can't mess up the future.

After a week I start getting home sick and I know my parents are worried sick, I have to figure out a way to get back home. One day Kendall ask me if I want to go to the museum, I get my stuff together and go. If the museum brought me here I'm sure it can take me back. We go inside and the 1960 time period area is under construction, I drop my jacket that I had on when I first got here. I bend over and pick it up but then I sneeze, Flashes happen again. I open my eyes and I'm looking at the completed 1960 time period area of the museum. I run home and when I walk in my parents ask "how was the museum?"

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