a adult wolf sleeping


Have you ever wondered about awesome animals? There names are Wolves!They look dangerous to people,so people harm them so they can't harm others.Let me tell you about wolves.

a wolf looks be hind it and finds some moose
a grey wolf that is in the artic

why do wolves howl

why do wolves howl?so they can call their pack or a lost pup.They call the pack if they find food.Also they howl to find a pup.Also they howl to find a pup so they can protect the lost pup.

a wolves life cycle

A wolf begins to be born.Its called a pup.When it gets older it begins to eat.When they get older it's called a juvenile.Then its a adult wolf.

running wolves

where wolves live

wolves hunting

Where are wolves found?They are found in Aisa north america and Europe.They also live in a forest.if you took the habbitat what will happen? So save a wolves life!

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2 years ago

wowsy these pic are sooooooooooooooo beautiful like even the close up🐺 = wolf