Parts of a River

By: Megan Irwin


Mountains and valleys are examples of what divides watershed.

A divide is a place that divides different watersheds.


This is a headwater in Lake County, Ohio.

A headwater is the extreme upper reaches of a stream.


The Mississippi watershed is the world's 3rd largest watershed

A watershed is an area of high water going down into low water, that flows into a large body water.

Flood Plain

It is dangerous to live on a flood plain because of possible floods.

A flood plain is the flat wide area of land along a river.


This is an image of the Baranof river source.

A source is where the water starts in a river.


The video above is about the Colorado River Delta. A delta is a land form made of sediment that is deposited where a river flows into an ocean or lake. A mouth is an opening in a river, where the water empties into a body of water.

Great Basin

This is a picture of the largest watershed that extends across North America.

Great basin is a watershed where the water doesn't flow into the ocean.


A stream is flowing into a main stream in this image.

A tributary is a stream or river which flows into a mainstream.

Down River

The Columbia down river.

A down river is between headwaters and a floodplain.

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