Inventions of the Industrial Revolution



Alexander Graham Bell

The purpose of the Telephone is so that people can communicate without using the mail. Which could take a week, a month, even a year. The Telephone is a much easier way of communicating.

The Lightbulb-1879

Thomas Edison

Light bulbs were invented to help people to see things better in gloomy or dark conditions and to be able to see their way if they wanted to go somewhere at night. Having any kind of artificial light - not just light bulbs but flaming torches, oil lamps, etc. - meant people could stay up for longer every evening.

The Periodic table of elements 1865

Dimitri Mendeleev

The purpose of the periodic table of the elements organizes chemical knowledge about the various elements in a way that enables us to understand why different elements have the chemical properties that they have.

Transcontinental railroad-1869

The Union Pacific and Central Pacific

The US Government wanted it to help unite the east and west coasts into a single nation. The railroad would also enable them to more rapidly move soldiers and their supplies to where they might be needed.

The Gasoline Engine-1875

Nikolaus August Otto and Eugen Langen

The purpose of the Gasoline Engine is fuel automobiles. Also to replace horse Carriages. To transport people without walking there.


John Milne

The purpose of the seismograph was to measure seismic waves

The spinning jenny-1764

James Hargreaves

The purpose of it was that it could reduce the amount of work needed to produce yarn, with a worker able to work eight or more spools at once.

The Telegraph-1844

Samuel Morse

The purpose of the Telegraph was to send messages faster and easier than sending a letter. a source of communication to send messages faster and easier than sending a letter. a source of communication.

The Sewing Machine-1846

Elias Howe

To make Sewing your clothes faster and better then your hands.

Method for processing steel-1855

Henry Bessemer

The purpose for processing steel is to make steel more quickly and more cheaply helps the production of building and leads to the growth of cities.


Alfred Nobel

The purpose of dynamite is to blow up things. It is man made, and usually used for construction working and mining.

Diesel Engine 1892

Rudolf Diesel

The purpose of the Diesel Engine was to replace the stationary steam engines.

The Cotton Gin-1794

Eli Whitney

The purpose of the Cotten Gin was to greatly reduces the time it takes to clean cotton and helps the southern states make more money from cotton crops.

The Elevator Safety Brake-1853

Elisha Otis

The purpose of Elevator Safety Brake to prevent them from falling if a cable breaks, making people feel more confident about using elevators in tall buildings.

Vaccines for Diseases

Louis Pasteur

The purpose for vaccines was to help prevent many common diseases, which helped people live longer.

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