By Jorden S

Country and Capital



Type of curency

In Paraguay they use the Paraguayan guarani which is worth basically nothing in the United States.

1 US Dollar equals

4768.01 Paraguayan Guarani

Major Exports and imports of Paraguay

The major exports of Paraguay are soybeans, Frozen Meat, corn, wheat, and soybean meal

Their Major imports are petroleum, cars, computers, camera equipment, and materials to make chemical fertilizers.

The Tree main cities

Asuncion, Cuidad del este , and San Pedro.  

Three tourist attractions

Saltos del monday (first) is a beautiful waterfall located directly east from Asuncion.This waterfall is 400 feet wide and 148 feet tall, so in comparison it is approximately 4 football fields wide and 14 stories high. That's Bigger than Niagara falls!

Cerro Cora national park (second) is a national park located on the north eastern boarder of Paraguay. Though it is only 14 acres large it is packed with some most unique wildlife including tortuous, monkeys, and jaguars. It also has rivers waterfalls, hills, and even its own camping ground.

National Pantheon of the Heroes (third) is a national monument in the capital.It is  a huge building with plaques and statues that honer the heroes of Paraguay .It was built over the span of 73 years and is very amazing to see.

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