wakeboarding is a fun sport involving a board that has boots attached to it.It is very fun and I think you should try it.

Question 1:How to do a front flip

to do a front flip you need to go out beside the wake. Then you bend your knees and go to the wake as fast as possible. When you hit the wake you bring your legs over your head and land the front flip. This is for advanced wakeboarders only

Question 2:How to do a backflip

To do a back flip you need to go out beside the wake.You need to gather speed and go to the wake. When you get to the wake you let the board slip out from underneath you let the board out and you do a backflip.

Question 3:How to get up

to get up on a wakeboard you need to pull your arms in an upward position and pull yourself up. It takes a long time to master getting up. Getting up might look easy but its really hard. you should try it.

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2 years ago

wakeboarding is fun!!!!!