Junie B. Jones

One of the all time favorite children's book-banned.

Where, When, & Why

“A little glitter can turn your whole day around.” Junie B. Jones was first challenged in 2006 in Wake County, North Carolina. It was officially banned in 2007. Parents of the school system complained about how the book was supposedly talking trash. Junie B. Jones used the words "stupid" and "dumb," which parents thought were inappropriate for their young children. Parents also complained about how Junie B. would call other students bad names. One reviewer said, "This has words that you don't want your children to see/hear. Why would you call a person dumb, dumb bunny, and stupid..."

Barbara Park

Barbara Park grew up in Mount Holly, New Jersey. She graduated from the University of Alabama in 1969. She won many prizes, including the Children's Choice Award.

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