My Eventful Year

I spent my 2013 doing what I love, going to events. Some of them I helped put together and run and others I just attended for fun. My year started off with seeing my friends in the band Lucy Stone who traveled all the way from Philadelphia perform at Brite Winter Festival. Every year one of the bands I know from school travels all the way out here to play at this festival and it’s become a real tradition for me. I enjoy being able to see some of my friends every year without having to go all the way to Philly myself. Though I did end up traveling to Philly in May to visit those who hadn’t made a trip to the good ‘ol Cleve last year.

While I was at Brite Winter I also spent time promoting the event Yuri’s Night at the Great Lakes Science Center. I was their Special Events Intern at the time and was helping promote and put together the event with the Special Events Manager. It was a really great experience where I got to use my creative side and got to see people enjoy everything we had put together for them. Over 1,000 people showed up and had a great time celebrating the future of science, dancing and of course drinking free beer. Over the Summer I was able to be a part of an even bigger event, the National Senior Games. I was able to assist with putting together venue logistics and working on site during the Archery, Bowling and Golf portion of the games. It wasn’t always an easy job but I learned a lot and saw a lot of people who really cared about participating games. So my 2013 ended up being a year of learning and bringing fun events to the community and I hope to be a part of more events in 2014 to continue my contribution!

I know this might sound boring but I would probably end up just saving the $250. But I am hoping that 2014 will bring me a great full time job and that I can use that money towards taking a trip out to Philly to visit my friends!

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