My Family Story

BY: Gursimran. K . Srawn

My Family Story

My Family is the Srawn (say Ss-raa-wn, Srawn)family,but my aunties and uncles families last names are different. I am today going to tell you my families story,starting from my great grand parents, or grandparents untill now,this very day.

Our Immigration to

                        My grandfather was born in 1935,in Pakistan (Lahore)

My grandfather moved to Kishangarh, Punjab, India during 1947,to avoid getting killed, India and Pakistan were separating.My grandfather was only 12 years old when he went to India,with his family.

He started school and lived a normal life. During high-school, year 10, everybody in his class failed a test, but my grandfather was the only-one who passed.My great grandfather was so proud that even if my grandfather was 15 years old, my great grandfather carried him on his shoulders,he was very very proud.When my grandfather became a young adult he joined the Indian army as a doctor.

My grandfather grew up and married my grandmother, they had 7 children but two of them died when they were young.My mum is the youngest and has 4 sisters. My mum got married to may dad when she was 24, and my dad was 32.I was born in 2004,1st April, India, we came to Australia in 2006,November when I was 2 years old.My brother was born in 2009,April 2nd.

When we came to Australia we first lived in Dulwich Hill for 5 days.We didn't really like it there, so we moved to Melbourne, we stayed there for 2 days. It was a hard time for us because we didn't have any family here, only my dads friends.We then came back to Sydney and bought an apartment.Since then we have moved 4 times,here at Campsie we have made a friends circle and are making new friends too.

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