Simple Machines Project
Gr. 2

Humans have been making and using machines for a long time.  We create these machines to help us survive and do our work.  Machines are devices that help us to apply forces and do work.   They allow us to lift heavier objects or pull things with more force than we could without the simple machines.

Simple machines make many tasks easier.  They can be used by themselves or in combination with other simple machines.

For this project, you will design, build and present a machine that solves a problem.  Your machine must include at least two simple machines.  Complete the template Machine Sketch and Materials by May 29.  Then, build the machine at home and hand in your project by June 8th.  

Your presentation will include:

1. How you designed and built your machine

2. The two or more simple machines used

3. The problem your machine can help people solve

4. How the simple machines in your project help to make the task easier

Check out this video on how to make a simple catapult for kids.  

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