The Tang Dynasty

Another great dynasty from China

The tang dynasty was located in modern day China, but also the area shown to the left was where the dynasty spread due to the location of the Silk Road. This dynasty started around 600 AD and ended around 900 AD

The tang dynasty influenced Japan and Korea in a few ways-

-Buddhism spread from China to both countries.

-The writing system of China also spread to Japan and Korea.

-The Confucion "5 Relationships" were used in Japan and Korea.

-The respect for nature in China also spread to these countries.


The silk road was a major part of the Tang Dynasty. It connected China with the western cultures.

By mistake, the Tangs discovered the compass. They thought that the spot that the spoon landed, would predict a future event. But they later realized that it was landing on the same spot over and over, and that it was pointing north. The invention of the compass allowed the Chinese to leave land and explore the ocean.

The Tangs also invented Porcelain. Porcelain was a very light pottery resource. It didnt weigh much and was delicate. This made it very expensive to get.

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