Produce Codes Haunt My Life

Monday, Mar. 10, 2014

Ok a little background to this story. Back in the summer of 2007, I worked at a grocery store in the Midwest as a cashier. I only worked there a few months but I got really good at remembering the produce codes (you put the produce on the scale, punch in the code, it weighs and prices the item). It's been almost 7 years now and consciously, I can only remember 4011 as being bananas. Why? Because Americans buy an obscene amount of bananas so this is the one code that every grocery store cashier will remember.

So... now to the story. As I'm preparing for an interview tomorrow morning, I took a short break to watch some random YouTube videos. Well in this one video, a guy is holding a kiwi and I saw that the sticker is still on it. It's so small that it was virtually impossible for me to decipher what's on the sticker. However, the number 4030 popped into my head. Holy cow! Did I just recall that code from so long ago? Well a little Google search provided the answer. It's pretty obvious from the title of this post that I got it correctly...

So should I be happy about how great my memory is, or it's just plain depressing that I still remember the produce code for kiwi? I am trying to come up with some work accomplishment stories for the interview tomorrow so maybe my brain was already on the mindset of old works. Who knows? I just created a reminder on my phone for five years from now. I'd really like to see if I still remember the produce code for kiwi then.