Raul Rivero of Miami - Advises Licensed Work

Raul Rivero of Miami is the President of ICC Adjusters, LLC. His work and company provide large amounts of useful information to clients and those are interested in learning more about the insurance industry. One of the areas that Rivero has the much information about is uninsured and unlicensed work. At all points, Raul Rivero of Miami advises against using workers like this, though it can be appealing because of the cheap cost of the labor. What Raul Rivero of Miami mentions that the overall cost that this type of work has the possibility of costing the business more than truly licensed work would ever cost.

One company did not have Raul Rivero of Miami to advise them on avoiding work that is unlicensed and uninsured. This company lost thousands of dollars as a result of their decision and an electrical worker had nearly half of their body; unfortunate circumstances were all around.

It was an automobile business that needed aid with their electrical services. This business determined that the overall cost of having an officially licensed electrician come in and do the work would cost too much for what they thought would be a simple in and out. They chose an electrician that was uninsured and unlicensed, what Raul Rivero of Miami calls a double whammy waiting to happen. This electrician went to work and unexpectedly caused an electrical explosion. The explosion led to a fire that nearly claimed the life of the electrician and the building of the business.

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