12/4/14              The Power of Music

Music can be very powerful in a lot of different ways. The way I see it, is as motivation. This means before games, practice or workouts I listen to music almost every time and that way I get fired up. This is also done by profesional athletes, and many of the guys that play in my basketball team. It is a great way to start competing.

Another way I see music, is as focus when I am reading, or need to concentrate in a specific assignment music helps a lot. This is because I feel isolated when hearing to music, because I get into a mew atmosphere by myself.

Finally, I see music as a friendly activity, this means when I am hanging out with friends and we get into a circle and a friend usually plays the guitar, and all of the other sing. This usually happens at camps or retreats at night around a big fire.

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Happy New Year, Santiago!