Take a Trip back to Ancient Egypt

         It is time to explore the kingdom of gods and pharaohs, Ancient Egypt. How are we supposed to do this you ask? Well it is simple, with our very own time machine. We can travel back to Ancient Egypt and find out some of the ancient wonders of the world. Also you will be able to stay at a very expensive hotel that not even pharaohs could get into, but for you special guest the price will be lowered a lot.

             Did you know that the Nile River flows from south to North? The Nile is also one of the main reasons that the Egyptians survived. They used it for transportation, food, and cleanliness.

Map of Ancient Egytp

Here is a map of Ancient Egypt to help you with your travels.

Ancient Egypt Daily Life

You can also learn a lot about their daily life. They all wore make up even the Guys! They believed that it had healing powers.

              On this vacation you can also learn things about history. Can you believe that the guys wore make up, well if you cant there is a reason to it. The make up helped protect their eyes from the suns harmful rays. Now if your wondering how your gonna do all of this don't worry. You can stay at "The Temple Of Gods". Don't worry we only call it that because It is so beautiful that even the gods would come there to relax.

The Hotel Where you will stay at

Look at this, you can stay here at half the price if you can bring a fake or REAL Mummy head.

This place is a real beauty isn't there are tons of activities and the food is just divine.

Restaurants for you and your Family

If you go on a family vacation then your kids will most likely want to go on a boat restaurant.

There Are Many of Fun Activities For You to Try Out

There are many ways to travel you can pick many on your vacation.

         Ancient Egyptians traveled by boat by camel and by chariot you can pick any if you want. Just don't ride the boat on land. One camel ride will be 10 dollars and to rent  will be 50 dollars. Chariots are a little bit more expensive they cost 30 for one ride and to rent each day you will be charged 15 dollars.But the discount i told you about will make everything cost 80% less.Now boats, boats are special because they come in different shapes and sizes. A large boat will cost 40 to 50 dollars a day because that will cover any damage that is done to it.

Ancient Egyptians Worshiped the Afterlife so Much That They Mummified Their Ancestors. So Why Don't YOU Try The Same

                Another activity for you and your family to try is mummy making. But we only do this once a month because you can only get so many cadavers. Now there is a virtual trip to that wont cost any money, it is apart of the regular cost. If you want to make a mummy then it will cost 25 dollars.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Did you know that Khufu is the largest pyramid in Egypt and that weighs as much as 16 empire state buildings

           Did you also know that pyramids were considered the "Tomb of kings". Maybe just maybe you can explore the tomb of kings. The old tours were over 2000 dollars to take one tour but now it is 200 dollars because of tomb raiders steeling all the gold and jewelry. But the great King tut was untouched.

Many foods for you and your family to try out on your vacattion.

                 We have a lot of food for you and your family to try out. I will give you the meu with all the prices and choices/selections. First we have fish dishes which can be fried or baked they cost 15 dollars, then we have some smoked lamb legs and smoked lamb which will cost 25 dollars but not for each person but for groups of three. We also have a good delicacy of Labna cheese for 3 dollars. Also we have pulse lagume for 21 dollars. Another dish that we have is smoked, grilled, fried, or even baked doves just for 9 dollars.

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