Mrs. Horne 10-25-13

For my NCGP I conducted interviews and a survey has been created that has been shared with Lisa at PFLAG. I also created a Public Service Announcement Video to promote equality and acceptance of LGBT individuals. Below is a sample of my e-mail correspondence with PFLAG.

Picture of the brochure from the meeting I attended.
Picture of the brochure from the meeting whereI did conducted interviews

This is my PSA. I used Animoto to create the video.

I plan to continue to work with PFLAG during and after this project. Do these interviews. working with members of the organization, and completing the surveys have opened my eyes to so much. I have a broader view on how LGBT teens and adults though out the ages have been treated. I feel as if I have a wider view on how LGBT people are treated as a whole by member of the community.

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