computer system presentation

the hp laptop computer system is pretty good the monitor is pretty good its fast

The scrfeen size to this computer is 23 ich

the ram the random access memory is the maxiumum amount a computer can hold.

the CPU is a central proccessing unit that monitors the computer

the number of usb ports are 4.

hard drive type is SATA 7200rpm

operating system-bit version is 64 bit

the price is around $600.

My  idea of computer would be  a tablet its small and portable compared to desktop computer you can just put it in your bag or small places like dressers its a very portable device pope it out its pretty much hand held there quick easy and fast thats what i like about them

Now desktop computers are good but there not portable uu cant just stuffthem in your bag they are practically stationary but the only thing about computer desktops are that the monitors are better and the computer screens bigger the internet speed of desktop computers are not as fast as a tablet or ipad

hp laser jet pro mfp

print speed 21 per minute

tray capacity 35 sheets

cost of printer is $179.99

toner is $63.99

up to 1,500 page yield

i would go with a laser printer instead of  a jet printer because laser printer is better at making better photos and the pictures come better than a jet printer and it works faster and plus u can do more on it.


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