Learning to Teach
Day 11: Beginning of Research

The day began with the explanation of what the library days are for. To make sure students were paying attention to what I was saying I had them take down on a sheet of paper what they will be looking for when they are in the library.

The way I structure the notes was in the order of the way the students will need to have when making APA citations, which I will and plan to teach them the day after we finish with our library days.

Most students seemed to be receptive, some were confused. Depending on the class I had some students who would tell me how confused they were, but they were not paying attention to my directions the first time. I do more than ever just need to work on not talking over the students and really checking to make sure they are paying attention to me

After taking the trip to the library, the students seemed to know what to do right away, this is because all of my classes consist of upperclassmen who have probably done a similar project in other classes before. I just gave the a few instructions reminding them what they are going to be looking for, and during the first class I talked to both the wonderful librarians who suggested some other places the students could find research.

Something that I notice is that my organization is doing well so far, but its something I need to get a hang on quicker.

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