Oh Canada

Colin T. Dylan F.

Map of Canada and the providences

Canada has a constitutional monarchy which is where a country has a monarch or king/queen who runs ceremonies and a prime minister who runs the legislative parts of the country. The queen of Canada is also the queen of England.

Canada exports wood, paper products, fuel, minerals, aluminum, wheat, and oil. Exports are good that a country sends to a different country. Canada also imports goods. Imports are goods that a country brings in.

Canada is a multicultural place. Multiculturalism is where a place accepts many cultures and ethnicity's. Canada is also made up of many different cultures and ethnicity's.

Canada has Francophones or people who speak French. People also in Canada have a national identity or feeling of belonging to a country or place.

Stephen Harper

Canada has a prime minister as the leader of their legislative tasks. The current prime minister is Stephen Harper.

Canada also is home to many refugees or people who have left their country because of war, famine, or national problems.

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