Sleep difficulties in adolescents can predict alcohol and drug problems


Among American youth, sleep difficulties and insufficient sleep are typical. Research has been found that these sleeping problems in adolescence can be used to predict specific substance-related problems. These problems can include binge drinking, driving under the influence, and risky sexual behavior. Other problems like overtiredness in childhood can also be used to predict problems in the future including binge drinking, blackouts, drinking and driving, and the number of lifetime problems in young adulthood.

This relates to psychology because human behaviors were being studied, in this case it was how sleep in your adolescence affects your drug activity behavior in later years. This relates to me because I do have a hard time getting a sufficient amount of sleep and it is interesting to find out that this could effect my drug and alcohol use in the future.  I find it interesting that something you do at a younger age could be the reason for why you do something when your older. I picked this article because it related to me and it was very engaging.

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