All About Egypt

I am doing a project over Egypt. The Capital of Egypt is Cairo. The flag of Egypt is a striped flag with a red stripe, Black stripe and a white stripe wit a golden eagle in the middle.

Egypt is on the edge of Africa and is surrounded by Libya, Saudi Arabia and Sudan. Egypt has a couple landforms that include the Nile river, the Nile Delta and the Valley of the Kings. the humans in Egypt built the pyramids and the temples in the desert. Egypt is by the Red Sea, Mediterranean Sea and the Indian ocean. Egypt is right by the ocean so they have lots of water and they are in the middle east so they have oil as well.

Egypt has a transitional government all the way through. the leader or President of Egypt is Abdel Fattah el-Sisi. The way the President is chosen is that voters elect them out of all the people that want to try. the citizens have to vote for the leader because that's who rules them.

The country of Egypt is a very poor country. The way the money is set up they use the dollar system. Egypt exports large amounts of oil(petroleum) since it is in the middle east. There Literacy rate is male=80% and the female=63%, the birth rate is 24, the life expectancy is 73.3 years and the main water source is the Nile River.

Egypt's Culture

Egyptians wear a piece of clothing called Tunics.Egyptians speak Arabic.They listened to Arabic Music.They celebrate Eid Al-Fitr. The religion in Egypt is Muslim. They used lots of onions and garlic.They dance and laugh a lot.

Egypt's Weather Deal

Egypt usually has a high humidity. The average rainfall is about 200mmThe average temperature in Egypt is about 80 degrees. The effects of the climate are that Egypt has little water.

A little HISTORY!!

They set missile strikes and kills a lot of Isis militants. Some Egyptians immigrants go to the U.S.


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