RMA Supply

RMA Supply Company Manufactures Patent-Pending Body Armor

About RMA Supply

Led by CEO Blake L. Waldrop, a retired Marine and former police officer with a degree in criminal justice, RMA Supply makes high-quality ballistic ceramic armor plates. The company produces 100% of all raw materials and products in the United States at Rock Island Arsenal, where assembly is also completed. Strongly devoted to the safety of each police officer, soldier, or citizen wearing its protective gear, RMA Supply Company designs and creates each product using the best materials, all of which are subject to stringent quality control measures.

During the first quarter of 2013, RMA Supply increased its revenues by 55%. This achievement earned the company recognition as one of the best-managed, fastest-growing firms in the country from Tama County Economic Development.

In addition to its line of ceramic body plates, RMA Supply offers a new soft body armor product line for law enforcement. To browse the company’s comprehensive product line or to view ballistic testing and customer reviews, visit www.rmasupply.com.

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