Name: Hailstar

Age: Unlnown

Death: Killed by Rats


Mate: Echomist

Sons: Voleclaw and Beetlenose

Daughter: Petaldust

Pelt: Hailstar is a huge thick-pelted gray tom with a wide head, broad shoulders, sleek fur, sturdy muscles, and yellow eyes.


Hailstar calls back to his mate, Echomist, after she had called for him a couple of times. The camp is flooding, and Echomist is carrying their kits, Petalkit, and Beetlekit, out of the nursery, leaving Volekit behind. She motions Hailstar to grab him. Hailstar grabs his kit before the water reaches his nest. He tells his Clanmate, Timberfur, to take Volekit to the elders' den. Hailstar then orders his mate to follow him, and she obeys.