Ch 15: Around the World in Eighty Days

1. It shows that he's expressing himself more. Breaking into the walls, wait until they fall asleep and just sneak in. They try to take out one brick at a time from the wall. Passepartout pretends to be the dead guy and lifts the girl.

2. They have time. Not that we know of at the moment. Yes, he changed from being selfish and only caring about the bet to helping someone in need.

3. He congratulates the men. Very kind and respectful. That Fogg is more caring than he seems and he has a good heart, you just don't see it all the time. Anyone can change.

4. "On October 24, 1872 while traveling to Calcutta we had the opportunity to help a young women by  the name of Aouda. She was being forced to take part in a suttee. I decided we had enough time to help, as we had gained 12 hours on the boat ride. We lost the twelve hours and we were neither early nor late on our journey. I saw no problem in this and quite happy with this outcome."