Symmetric Movement

It's like looking in a mirror!


  1. Run in place and stretch your arms and legs.
  2. Move your head!
  3. Move your shoulders!
  4. Move your hands!
  5. Move your ribcage!
  6. Move your hips!
  7. Move your knees!
  8. Move your feet!
  9. Move the top half of your body!
  10. Move the bottom half of your body!
  11. Move the right side of your body!
  12. Move the left side of your body!
  13. Cross over to the other side! (Cross Lateral)
  14. Spin around, then try to find your balance!


Do you remember what symmetry is? Let's review by watching this video:

Mirroring in Dance

Now, let's try to create symmetry while we MOVE!

  1. Find a partner.
  2. Face your partner like you're looking in a mirror.
  3. Try to follow exactly what each other is doing as if you're looking at yourself in the mirror.
  4. Share with the class what you came up with!

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