R.Michael Wisner

California Area Screenwriter R. Michael Wisner

About R.Michael Wisner

A graduate of Villanova University, R. Michael Wisner works as a screenwriter and philanthropist in the California area. With offices in Malibu and Carmel, he has written a number of original scripts, including The First Mistress, Madhatters, and Quark. Additionally, R. Michael Wisner has penned several screenplays adapted from novels, including Traitor and the re-written screenplay by Paul Plunkett called Scam America.

A human rights advocate, environmentalist, and philanthropist, R. Michael Wisner developed these interests during his undergraduate studies. After completing college, he worked at several environmental companies around the nation. Over time, he developed an interest in the issue of toxic substances in the environment. He worked with Congressman James Florio, the government official who created the Superfund, the federal program that focuses on cleaning up toxic waste dumps in the U.S.

An accomplished author, R. Michael Wisner wrote the novel Living Healthy in a Toxic World and an environmental book for children titled Cry Out. He is also responsible for writing and producing the Disney Earth Day Special.

For more information, go to www.rmichaelwisner.com.

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