Efrain Rios Montt

By: Chris Grande

A general in the Guatemalan army. Overthrown by his Defense minister. He was a member of congress in 2007. He was the president of congress and part of the Guatemalan Republic Front. Was the 26th president and was apart of a lot of war. In power for 1 year and has a lot of deaths accounted for. He was in the government and army for many years. 200,000 people died in the civil war and he killed 70,000 peasants. He was racist and was against people that weren't about helping the government. Many saw him as a cruel leader and he has left a mark on the present day society. Many people are against his ways and they watched how he killed 80 percent of the Mayan population.


Many saw Monett as a man of cruelty and a man that caused suffering. This picture shows protesters comparing him to Hitler. Many saw him as a man that did nothing to help them and only that made him more powerful. He led many parts of government and army. He starved people and was against peasants. He did not like them because they did nothing to help the government/economy. There was a civil war that was going on for over 30 years and thousands and thousands died. He was not a good ruler and the picture just shows people rioting against him. When your own people are against you, then you are doing something terribly wrong. That's probably why he was president for only 1 year. He was also accused for a huge genocide killing around 200,000 people.All in all he was not a man you wanted leading your country especially the lower classes.

Poem about Efrain Montt

A man of anger, A man of fight

A man of power, Who does no right

He believes in violence not in peace

All about money not in grief

A man in denial with no regret

A man of that swoops people up like a net

Tricks them with words not in action

With the Mayan population, he caused a subtraction

Dictator that's powerful and might be glad

But for the people suffering it makes them sad

He caused deaths with starvation

And made that time, a time of devastation

Last but not least he hurt the countries core

And many died during the civil war

Essential Question

How would you describe Efrain Monetts time in power compared to Hitler?

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