Ninja Jump (2 player fight game)

My Project: What is it?


  • What was the project prompt... To make a using a loop, sound effect, if statement, motion/animation, and key press.
  • What is your project? A two player ninja game.
  • Did you plan it out first? Only in my head.
  • Why did you make it? For fun, and for the maker class.


  • What was your process? First I began with the designing of the blue ninja in Inkscape, then I designed the red one on the Scratch paint a sprite interface. Next, I wrote the script/coding for them. Finally, I designed the Chin Orbs, which are the little things that the two ninjas fire. Lastly, I designed the 7 backdrops.
  • What problems did you face? Firing the Chi Orbs, and jumping.
  • How did you overcome any problems? For the Chi orbs, I made them a sprite instead of a piece of the costume. For the jump, I borrowed a code from one of the DHF instructors games.


  • What did you like best? The characters.
  • How would you make it better? Better backdrops.
A screenshot of the code for the Blue Ninja
The red ninja
The Blue Ninja, made in Inkscape