Strongly agree, Argee, Disagree Tackk
                    Hamza Billow P.3
1. Your family raised you and spent alot of time takeing care of you as a child, your family also got you to were you are so you should be loyal to them even if they do you wrong.

2. Everyone should follow the law because it keeps things in order and makes sure everyone is infromed about what's right from wrong, But if a law takes away your freedom then you should not follow it.

3. Power does not corrupt those who have it but a few have abused it like, dictators or emporors, that will do anything to keep there status by killing, torturing anyone that opposes them.

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2 years ago

Hamza, I'm glad you got this finished but you need to remember to use specific examples. I do expect you to proofread for writing errors. Let me know if you need help with that.