Legal Drugs in California


Cigarettes are one of the unbanned drugs that are the most dangerous for the human being. It contains over 4000 chemicales and more then 70 of them are causes of cancer. In California it is one of the main causes of death. In this link if you go in the lungs section you can see that the range is high for these kinds of deaths. These are mainly caused by cigarettes. And i didn't even go in the canacer section which could be even higher because cigarettes dont only cause lung cancer but can also cause mouth, throat and tongue cancer.

Cigarettes are also a big part of pollution in the world but that is another social issue.

Solutions against cigarettes have arrived recently such as the electronic cigarettes. they give you the amount of nicotine that you need and release smoke that is actually water steam and is environemently friendly. The smoke disappears in less then 20 seconds. It is not only better for you but also for the people around you because second hand smoke is even more dangerous than smoking itself.


All of these products contain caffeine. Caffeine is a stimulant that many people take on a regular base. 90% of adult in North America take this drug on a daily bases. This isn't a hard drug and in some countries it isn't even controlled.  if you take to much of this drug you could get an addiction but these situation are very rare. People dont get an addiction usually but they get a dependance. they could go a day without a coffee or two but they would fell very different that usual. In the US kids can buy this things wish can lead to other diseases or concentration related problems. This a social issue that is caused buy caffeine


Alcohol is a depressant that is a big cause of death in California. This legal drug leads to liver diseases and are at a very high range in this state. This is the most used drug in the world. it is also the most damaging drug for many part of your body and can even cause death.

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