VOGUE magazine's August 2014 issue has revealed that fashion designer Stella McCartney may have recently bought a farm set in its own valley in Bruton.

In a previous interview with the fashion magazine she had said she wanted a country estate, with previous properties in the Worcestershire countryside – is Bruton going to be her next home?

The revelation was made in an article about Bruton's rapid rise in the rankings as a bolt hole for celebrities.

This summer Bruton was voted the most fashionable place to visit in England. Vogue's dedicated spread on the town details how it is now attracting artists, fashion designers and entrepreneurs – and speculates about Golden Globe winner Johnny Depp showing interest in local property too.

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What is so attractive about Somerset to the rich and famous?

Nicolas Cage bought a cottage in the village of Baltonsborough back in 2006. He was attracted by the contrast of churches and pagan shops, saying: "It is like a microcosm of different belief systems."

Former singer and Somerset resident, Pearl Lowe, told Vogue creative people were drawn to this area due to the energy. She said: "Much has gone on here in history. Joseph of Arimathea was rumoured to have done miracles, and King Arthur died here. It's special."

The commute from the capital is said to be easy, with direct train links less than five miles away from Bruton – so the area is becoming more appealing to people seeking a retreat in the countryside.

Another factor in why Bruton is drawing such a crowd is the famous restaurant, wine shop and hotel – At The Chapel. In 2000 Notting Hill restaurateur, Catherine Butler, bought and renovated the property. She said: "I found a community here I'd have killed for in west London."

This summer the opening of the Hauser & Wirth Gallery in Bruton added to the area's cachet. With other locations in Zurich, London, New York, and Los Angeles – it aims to engage new audiences in contemporary art, and particularly the local community.

The buildings have been reinvented by Luis Laplace, the French architect, and the gardens designed by Piet Oudolf, who has filled them with over 30,000 perennial plants. Oudolf has run projects in New York and Chicago – now Bruton.

Admission is free to the multi-purpose arts centre and talks and events will be held throughout the year.

The new excitement around Bruton has not only brought art and award winning restaurants but also investment and support into the farming communities.

Ben Goldsmith, a green financier, based around the Bruton area, is a keen supporter of the Somerset Wildlife Trust. He hosts events in his home regarding the Selwood Living Landscape to create a healthy future for wildlife and people.

Cameron Mackintosh, the British theatrical producer living nearby since the nineties, invested in farms around his estate, rebuilding them for future generations. Finally, Alice Temperley, a Frome based fashion designer, said: "Somerset, for me, means freedom. It's a dreamlike place full of possibility."

Maybe this is why Bruton has seen a revolution of new fans and investment – and has become the most fashionable place to visit this year.

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